Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Solar Training Network?

The Solar Training Network is a new program led by The Solar Foundation that was announced in July 2016. This program is designed to help meet the workforce needs of the solar industry through solar training and strategic employment partnerships.

Who administers the Solar Training Network?

The Solar Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to advancing solar energy use worldwide, has been selected to lead the Solar Training Network based on years of thought leadership in solar labor market intelligence, education, technical assistance, and workforce development.

Where does its funding come from?

The U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative grants The Solar Foundation funding as part of a cooperative agreement to serve as the national administrator of the Solar Training Network.

What is the purpose of the Solar Training Network?
  • Connection opportunities with training providers, employers, and job seekers
  • A job seeker-to-employer connection platform though a robust, member-only web portal
  • Solar job fairs and other regional training events
  • Solar training resources and content
  • A national directory of solar training providers
  • A comprehensive national solar company directory
What benefits do trainers receive?

Trainers receive the preferential listing on the website as official program partners, as well as promotion online, in webinars, and at shows. Inclusion in the Solar Training Network training provider directory

What are the requirements to join?
  • Web portal profile creation
  • Solar Training Network Introduction to class, first week of instruction
  • Require students to register on Solar Training Network Web portal
  • Encourage students to complete hiring poll if and when hired through the Solar Training Network
Are there different levels of membership?

Yes, Tier-1 acknowledges a trainer as an Official Training Provider and Tier-2 acknowledges a trainer as a Registered Training Provider. For more information, please review Official Training Provider Program Terms.

How can the Solar Training Network help job seekers?

For job seekers, the Solar Training Network will improve access to solar training, resources, and career opportunities.

How can the Solar Training Network help trainers?

For training providers, the Solar Training Network will provide access to training resources and build connections with solar employers, enhancing the career development aspects of their training.

How can the Solar Training Network help employers?

For employers, the Solar Training Network will increase the quality and diversity of the social workforce and create a dedicated employment pipeline for finding new solar workers.

Are there a large number of jobs in the solar energy industry?

Yes! In 2016, over 260,000 people were working in the solar energy industry and 1 in 50 newly added jobs in the United States were in the solar energy industry. This means that the solar energy industry is adding workers at a rate nearly 17 times faster than the overall economy. Solar jobs are projected to grow 10% in 2017 to 286,335.  

Will joining Solar Training Network help me get one of those jobs?

Yes, by registering as a job seeker, you will have access to the job seeker-to-employer connection web portal, a comprehensive national solar company directory, and receive news about solar job fairs.

What if I want to work in this industry but don’t have the training?

The Solar Training Network provides a national directory of solar training providers to connect you to a training program in your area. By joining, you will have access to solar training resources, such as, educational materials. You also will have the opportunity to attend regional training events.

How do employers benefit from joining the Solar Training Network?
  • Inclusion in Solar Train Network employer directory
  • Use of Official Employer Partner logos
  • Solar Training Network Web Portal access
  • Invitation and promotion at Solar Training Network job fairs and summits
  • Solar Training Network quarterly newsletter updates
What are the requirements for employers to join?
  • Companies must provide quarterly hiring reports to remain an active Solar Training Network partner
  • Companies must be an equal opportunity employer
  • Companies must provide link to jobs page at onset of partnership
  • Companies must add program logo(s) to website
Which companies are eligible?

Companies who are solar PV-focused and include any of the following: installers/developers/integrators, financing/consulting, solar panel manufacturers, inverter manufacturers, racking manufacturers, and solar nonprofits.

If a company doesn’t hire anyone from the Solar Training Network, are they required to submit a report for that quarter?

No, we only require a report if a company has hired an employee during that quarter.

Does the Solar Training Network hold any regional or national meetings or events?

Yes, in 2017, there will be three career fairs and two employer-to-trainer summits. For dates and locations please visit the Events calendar on the homepage.

What does it cost to join the Solar Training Network as a trainer?

There is no cost to join as a trainer.

What does it cost to join as an employer?

There is no cost to join as an employer.

Who does the Solar Training Network partner with?

The Solar Training Network partners with the American Association of Community Colleges, GRID Alternatives, Solar Energy International, the National Association of Workforce Boards, the Solar Energy Industries Association, the Florida Solar Energy Center and the University of Central Florida.

How can I contact the Solar Training Network?

Please contact us by e-mail at

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